Before you apply, you need to be sure of the following:

1 Go through the project in which you are interested in and let us know from your application.
2. Please let us know when exactly you will like to start project.
3. Please let us know how long you will like to have your project
4. Are you volunteering alone or with a group?
5. In volunteering with us, what do you expect?

Submit an application
All application can be submitted online through The General Application Form and we promise to get back to you as soon as your application gets to our desk. If you can not access our application online, kindly contact and it will be sent to you through email.
However placement detail will also be attached as we write to you.

View Placement and get back to us
Kindly go through your placement carefully after you’ve received and send us an email regards to questions or if there is anything you will like to know.

Getting back to you
1. We get back to you on all your questions.
2. Invitation letter would be forwarded to you and other information regards to obtaining visa.
3. Kindly let us know of any required document so as to process visa.

Always update us
Always keep us updated on your visa and flight information.

Make payment
Payment should be made after obtaining your visa. When you are ready to make payment, kindly contact and we shall send you information on how you can make payment easily.

Stay in touch with you

We stay in touch till you arrive in Ghana. However information on how to locate us at the airport would also be forwarded to you.

Go ahead, apply  and join in our volunteer programs