It is greatly important that you get conversant with the following information before you embark on your tip to Ghana.

In order to have a stress-free psychosocial mind, it is advised that you carry out the following medical examinations and preparations to guarantee your physical well being:

♦ Yellow fever vaccination
♦ Hepatitis A
♦ Hepatitis B
♦ Typhoid
♦ Malaria medication

We recommend that these examinations and other relevant ones(perhaps not mentioned here) should be conducted by ones medical doctor from a recognized medical institution .Also, you could seek counsel on the kind of test to take and the necessary medications to carry along.
Though Ghana is not extremely prone to malarial infection, we suggest that you equally come with the under listed items for your own use.

♦  Mosquito Net
♦  Anti bacteria hand wipes

click here to get vaccination information Ensure that you book a flight to arrive at the Kotoka International Airport, Accra. Be certain that you get familiar with your flight information as part of it will be necessary in processing your visa.

We expect that you obtain a Visa from the Ghana Embassy, Consulate or the Ghana High commission in your country of residence. (You can equally get that from the nearby Ghana Embassy of foreign mission nearer to your country.)
If you can guarantee our organization of your placement, we will ensure that we furnish you with the salient information to procuring your visa in your home country.

For more information about Visa. click here.

Risk and uncertainties cannot be predicted with absolute precision. As such, we advise that you purchase your travel or medical insurance before traveling to Ghana. Ensure that a copy of these documents are sent to HCDP GHANA once your purchase it.

Fast Facts:
We advise that you get these documents handy before you apply for a visa.
·Flight information
·Recent passport photographs
·Invitational letter and references( These we will be sent to you)
Rest assured. Visas granted to invites are valid for three calendar months. These however can be renewed through the help of our organization once you join us in Ghana.

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