With a population of 25 million and still classified as a poor third world country, Ghana can be proud of her 4 medical schools and the professionals who have kept the schools running despite the difficulties in the country. With this brief history regarding the Ghanaian healthcare system, Volunteers will have the opportunity of working at the hospitals and clinics around with experience nurses and doctors so as to improve upon or fully get into their professions. Volunteers will also have the chance of watching surgeries and other complicated hospital activities. Primary health care remains one of the fundamental ideals of the Millennium Development Goals. However, Ghana seems to be experiencing the other side of such freedoms. There abounds frightening statistics about the devastating effect primary health care had caused to most helpless indigenes of the country side (Villages).

As volunteers take advantage of this opportunity of working at the hospitals and clinics around their project locations, they strategically position themselves for in-depth knowledge and practical   experience as they work with and among a caliber of fully-fledged nurses and highly qualified doctors .More importantly, some volunteers will have the chance to obverse surgeries and other complicated hospital activities.


HCDP GHANA has secured a partnership agreement with The Volta Regional Hospital to train Pre- Medical Students for 6 weeks named (Summer Pre-Med Training program). This program is inviting all Pre-med students and team who want to better their careers and gain the maximum experience in health.

Pre-Med and Community Free Screening

During the end of 2016, HCDP GHANA together with other stake holders have come to the realization that its high time our Pre-Med project give back healthcare to rural communities a free medical screening since this has been a challenge in recent times due to rural urban transportation problem.

The team will raise $500 each as a fund to support the community free screening (Pre-Med Support Fund) This will be used to purchase eye drops and eye glasses which has never been supported by the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS).

Together with an optometrist, medical assistance and nurses, organize clinics and screen three rural communities for possible acute conjunctivitis and refractive conditions. Cases beyond our control would be referred to the nearest clinics or hospitals for further examination. We are looking at seeing 150 patients in a day and should be seeing 450 patients in total.

As part of our Pre-Med study program by our volunteers, donating their services to rural communities is key to add up to their career as medical students.

Activities include: Registration, Blood Pressure checking, body and eye screening and receiving free treatment sponsored by HCDP GHANA.

Become part of this team today to build a better healthcare in Ghana.

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