Our program fees are much lower than other programs, and as a way to connect people from different parts of the world, to benefit the lives of everyone.

1 WEEK  $ 400
2 WEEKS  $ 600
3 WEEKS  $ 800
4 WEEKS  $ 1000
5 WEEKS  $ 1,200
6 WEEKS  $ 1,380
7 WEEKS  $ 1,560
8 WEEKS  $ 1,740
9-11 WEEKS  $ 1,920

HCDP GHANA charges 400 USD per week but provides discount as duration extends and also make rooms for negotiating with volunteers. Duration more than 11 weeks can also be discussed with Projects Director in Ghana.

Inclusive Not Inclusive
* Airport pick up and drop off

* Orientation

* In country  transportation to work

* Accommodation ( Bedding, Water and Electricity)

* Allowance to host families

* Food ( Breakfast, Snack and Dinner)

* Community Development and Rural Scholarship Programs

* Placement fee (Preceptor fee)

* Drumming and dancing tuition

* Internet wifi

* Hotel accommodation on arrival and departure (If applicable)

* 24/7 Emergency support

* In country support

* Administrative Works, Reminders and ID card  
Executions ( transportation around the Volta Region)

The Highest Water Fall in W/A

The Monkey Sanctuary

The Highest Mountain in W/A

* Entrance to excursion sites which is about $15 each
* Excursions to any other tour sites apart from those stated left.


Cost Breakdown

All Administrative works and stationary         15%

Food and Accommodation                            60%

HCDP GHANA Community Support               25%

Humanity and Community Vocational Program/ Rural Scholarships Projects

Why you should pay as a volunteer
HCDP GHANA is a not -for -profit, volunteer-oriented community development organization which receives no special external funding. As such, it becomes inevitable that our volunteers bear part of the cost during their time in Ghana.

Why don’t you share the cost?
If you cannot afford the entire cost alone, there are a lot of worthy things you could do to raise the total cost involved.
You can also raise funds from development organizations in your home country to help you defray the cost involved. It worked for others; it could work for you too. Contact HCDP GHANA as to how to do this via