People have numerous reasons for doing volunteer work in Africa. Many want to help others and some are looking for ways to be caught up or to make the globe a better place. The needs for activism, community building, and self-exploration can also be satisfied through volunteering. Connect with the African community and be a part of the different cultures, activities, issues, etc. that you may never experience otherwise.

Perhaps you have a cause you feel strongly about and I will suggest you put your beliefs into action by volunteering your moment and efforts toward that cause. Some people volunteer formally through a profit, non-profit, or charity organization, while others volunteer informally by helping a sick neighbor or tutoring a friend. People who do volunteer work in Africa get first hand information about the problems facing Africa like poverty, hunger, malnutrition, disease, unemployment and environmental degradation.

As part of our mission for humanitarian services and assisting community to develop from within, Projects with HCDP GHANA cuts across 3 categories namely:

Education (Teaching and Establishing ICT projects in Schools and Orphanage homes)

Health (Healthcare services, Health educations and Sanitation)

Community Transformation/Development

Community Need Assessment Research Programs (CNARP)

Rural Computer Lab Installation (RCLI)

Water for Student by Student (WSS)

Rural Community Toilet Project (RCTP)


Our Partnership with Omprakash

Or Volunteer through our platform via Omprakash: Click Here

Our Partner with Giving Way

We also allow you to volunteer through our platform via Giving way: Click Here

If you want to earn college credit for volunteering with us? Couple your position with Omprakash EdGE, an accredited online volunteer education program! The academic credit is available to all volunteers who successfully participate in EdGE before volunteering with HCDP GHANA. It does not matter your University. Learn more here…