Won’t your heart be gladdened to see a sick boy revitalized to life? Imagine an old women coming to specially thank you for helping her find life again? Society would not be the same as you met it. Aren’t these social values worthy of pursuit? As the world is gradually unifying into a global village, you need to abreast your social and cultural orientation of people and other cultures. We bridge that widening gap. Yes HCDP GHANA does-through community volunteerism. Beside these, Ghana promises a fascinating tourist and historical sites that you dearly want to visit.


1. Practical Experience:

Volunteerism offers you the rare opportunity to experience practically all that you might have heard, read or studied about West Africans. Also, you tend to have a kin esthetic feel of your program of study and discipline.

2. Cultural Appreciation:

Since you will be working with the indigenous folks in their native homes, you get the uncommon moment to closely study them on their own turf. Your anxiety of ’why they speak the language they speak, eat the food they eat, marry customarily before wedding’ all gets answered as you find these answers for yourself. You can’t get this elsewhere.

3. Excursions, Tours and Site Seeing:

The tallest mountain in Africa erects from Afadja, Ghana. Walk on the artificially- suspending walk way overlooking the vast expanse of the Virgin forest of the Kakum National Park .All slaves from West Africa were once kept in these Castles.(Cape coast and Kakum).You can see ,walk and physically visit these places nor virtually. Do you hike? Climb the tallest African Mountain. We’ll get you to that top! Cool yourself at the foot of the Wli Natural Fall. Ghana has countless preferable tourist sites just to suit you earnest quest.


Over the years, HCDP GHANA had been of marginal contribution towards education, primary health care community development all geared towards improving humanity.
Your unquantifiable contribution inspires hope for a better future leaving the socially despaired with a vision of a bright future